Month: September 2015

steel trap mouth.

creeping upward from the throat are words settling slowly, apprehensive in your mouth they cluster around in masses.. flock of birds unlike geese, they refuse to fly south a battle emerges, fight emotions to the death a mix of love, fear, hope, pain, and… Continue Reading “steel trap mouth.”

the dragon.

fire – it fills her lungs scorched from the dragon’s kiss all the oxygen removed breathless – never quite like this claws – daggers that clasp her heart tear the flesh, squeeze its beat all the emotions choked out valves – pump a carnivore’s… Continue Reading “the dragon.”

the wolf.

paws in the dirt blood in the snow frigid, barren wasteland ribs starting to show she’s hunting you down through the silence, the still baring her teeth the chase lost its thrill a wolf in the winter grows weary and cold ever fighting the… Continue Reading “the wolf.”

in the dark.

in the dark there is a longing.. some kind of rush, some kind of need, some kind of lust. in the dark there are whispers.. some kind of past, some kind of future, some kind of trust. in the dark there is hope.. some… Continue Reading “in the dark.”