the feast.


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I don’t desire the buttoned down business bravado at 2:00 PM.

I crave the crawling creature that crumbles at 2:00 AM.

I don’t long for eternal strolls in the sunshine of spotless minds like other girls.

I pray for a slow dance with the devil as we engulf these tired hearts in flames.

Drag me down to hell where you dwell in the darkness of your mind.

I lust for the imperfections – the markers of truth.

I yearn to trace the lines of your scars with my sketchbook fingertips.

I will sit with you at the forsaken table,

indulge on your insecurities.

I will take second helpings,

feast on your flaws.

To quench this insatiable thirst,

pour your past unto me.

I shall eat until I am full.

I shall drink until I am drunk.

And I shall love you still.

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