The White Rabbit found on Polyvore


You are the dark alley way I shouldn’t roam.

You are the drug that overdoses, mouth of foam.

You are the final shot of whiskey – drink too much.

You are the burning stove – red hot to touch.

You are the violent current that takes me under.

You are the heathen who knows pillage and plunder.

You are the venomous snake with the deadly bite.

You are the bully dog born and bred only to fight.

It’s chasing the rabbit, but forever in a dream.

It’s a mouth sewn shut, sealing off the scream.

It’s hugging a porcupine, face full of quills.

It’s losing my mind, swallowing your pills.

It’s trying to hold a hand that holds a knife.

It’s your weight on this chest that crushes my life.

It’s running as fast as I can but in circle formation.

It’s waiting for a train that has long left the station.

You can starve her heart and you can cage her mind,

she’ll set herself free with time.

You will search but never find,

another one of her kind.

This is a lionheart that roars louder from cruelty.

A lone wolf again who no longer swears fealty.

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