run Lucifer, run.

taken from
taken from


A black veil of lies masks the true form beneath
He longs for the angelic soul – too far out of reach
She is the chosen one – cuts straight through the deceit
Lucifer, it’s time to reveal your horned head and hoofed feet
Lustful whispers escape the mouth of the beast
Hunting down the flesh, he is commanded to feast

But you can’t dance with the devil without getting burned
Another piece of her heart charred black with each turn
Her red gown it twirls – up in flames – he spins her round
He fucks with the head and the heart never making a sound

Each time she lets go, he buries his claws in deeper

For his own selfish pleasure, he desires to keep her
Demon, don’t you know? Your darkness is starting to show

A razor blade tongue spews forth hellish lies – no surprise

Something cold and ugly lies in wait – he knows there’s no escape

His insidious evil she has now overcome

It’s time to run Lucifer




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