Month: June 2016

the silence.

Those deep ocean eyes tell me a story, one that stalls behind gritted teeth. I care not a fuck about spoken words, let them crash amidst tangled feet. I find comfort in the shared silence, please tell me things without speaking. We’ll become observant… Continue Reading “the silence.”

let it settle.

If you ask me what my biggest fear is, I would tell you without hesitation, that it would be to live an unfulfilled life. But my second biggest fear is living a lie. Some of us build and shape our lives and our relationships… Continue Reading “let it settle.”


a magnet for the emotionless the ghosts, they floated faded and fucked up to a full heart, bloated poltergeists┬átake up space never permanent, only drifting paranormal self destroyers carry the weight, heavy lifting curse of the apparition prepare for the exorcism expel the heart… Continue Reading “ghosts.”