Month: December 2019

Dear Mrs. X

Dear Mrs. X TRIGGER WARNING: SEXUAL ASSAULT/VIOLENCE Dear Mrs. X, The last time I searched the internet for your husband, you weren’t there. But then again, I only searched for his whereabouts: what state, what city, where he was working, how close or how… Continue Reading “Dear Mrs. X”

Ideations and the Infinite Sadness

Ideations and the Infinite Sadness TRIGGER WARNING – Suicidal Ideations I’m in the passenger seat of the truck, gazing out the window, as it pops up in my mind. It feels like a craving for ice cream or pizza. Or a daydream about someplace… Continue Reading “Ideations and the Infinite Sadness”

Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf At 12 years old, I was tall enough to position myself between my bed and the door, pushing my feet against its metal frame and jamming my shoulders in, using my upper body as a human barricade. I wasn’t permitted to… Continue Reading “Big Bad Wolf”