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full circle.

This started off as a Facebook post, but it is deserving of more. As a writer, I find some things shouldn’t be reduced to a Facebook status update, nor limited to 140 characters on Twitter, or become a caption typed beneath an Instagram photo….


  the disposition of rage, unbridled. a reflection of homologous nature, simpatico. the forbearance of wrath, obliged. a body of water, still. the extinguishment of vexation, palliate. a testament of fidelity, infrangible.


  The weight of past loves lost and old lives left lingering bear heavy load on a listless heart leave little room to feel anything than lonely. A radioactive heart enters rams open doors labeled restricted removes cobwebs from a ramshackle soul revives a…


A love that lifts me up, chemical element, noble, atomic number 2. Floats me to the stars, weightless, his love, it’s like Helium. He.

the space between

In the space between happiness and hardness, I can find you hiding there. The violence in your head stopping time, but I too, am fucked beyond repair.   In the space between sorrow and sadness, your darkness came to fuse with mine. An introductory of…

the silence.

Those deep ocean eyes tell me a story, one that stalls behind gritted teeth. I care not a fuck about spoken words, let them crash amidst tangled feet. I find comfort in the shared silence, please tell me things without speaking. We’ll become observant…

let it settle.

If you ask me what my biggest fear is, I would tell you without hesitation, that it would be to live an unfulfilled life. But my second biggest fear is living a lie. Some of us build and shape our lives and our relationships…